UI/UX Design

Wireframing, Consulting, Testing


PurpleRain Experience

The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your website, application, or system. Even the most sophisticated code and transcendent design fail if the site lacks usability. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behavior is key to unlocking an exceptional user experience. Whether you are refreshing an existing website or starting from the ground up, our team can collaborate with you to create a PurpleRain experience.

A Powerful UI Partner

One of our advantages is our array of holistic digital offerings. We love to start with UI work, and we can quickly proceed to front-end design and back-end development, then marketing if needed. We understand the big picture in the UI planning stage, so we design in context of execution, knowing all the cutting edge capabilities of modern technology. Because we are with you from concept to delivery, we can execute with speed and agility.

UI Wireframing

We believe planning lays the groundwork for a successful interface at all levels, microsite to enterprise site. Our team integrates elegant layout design in context of cutting-edge technology to cultivate UI wireframes for your audience. This process ranges from quick and simple layouts to extensive wireframing for every screen, in our format or yours.

UX Analysis & Consulting

Usability analysis blends art with science. Our UX analysis covers the spectrum, quantifying details and appraising intangible allure. The PurpleRain Consulting UX framework covers nine broad categories in a customizable structure starting with 30 key criteria for light analysis or up to 175 criteria for a comprehensive report. After considering 18 additional metrics, we deliver a qualitative analysis, considering intangible strengths and weaknesses. Our final report begin with left-brain analytics to identify all of the problems as we prepare for right-brain inspiration and visuals. Ultimately, we deliver a PurpleRain user experience that is not only aesthetic, but conceptual in its nature to avoid and solve problems.


2-5 competitive reviews – we believe that measurements become meaningful in context. Our UX framework pinpoints results using competitors for context.
18 quantitative metrics
175 point qualitative checklist


Suggestions from Experts
Pattern Testing for Identifying Inconsistencies
Cutting Edge Suggestions based on new technology

UI Testing

In this case, two heads are better than one. Each stage of UI design is enhanced through human testing (but don't worry, PETA, our products are never tested on animals). For a simple interface, light feedback from a few individuals may provide sufficient insight to refine the user experience. In more complex situations, our team is prepared to deliver extensive testing, drawing on a number of UI testing techniques (samples below) to identify solutions before going live.

PURPLERAIN UI Testing Services

  • Surveys
  • User Observations
  • Expert Reviews
  • External User Tests (click tests, 5-second tests)

Great UI for Any Size

Light Service
  • Wireframe Key Screens
  • Quick User Observations
  • Expert Consultations
Basic Service
  • Wireframing
  • User Observations
  • Expert Analysis
  • Surveys
  • A/B Testing
Comprehensive Service
  • Wireframing
  • Heavy User Observations
  • Expert Analysis
  • Surveys with Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • 175-Point UX Checklist
  • Mouse Tracking
  • Card Sorting

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