Conversion Rate optimization

Strategy Internet Marketing provide expert conversion rate optimization to clients aiming to increase the sales, leads or goal conversions gained through their websites from their marketing activities.

Our Conversion optimization Services

Building a successful business online relies on a mix of a great website, driving targeted, quality traffic to the right places, and ensuring that the traffic converts. As perverse as it may seem, it's entirely possible to have a beautifully designed website that performs well in the search engines, that doesn't convert visitors. This is where the art of conversion optimization comes in to play.

Through analysis of traffic patterns, visitor habits, design issues and an intelligent, measured approach to split testing, you can ensure that your traffic performs as well as possible, maximizing the ROI from your marketing channels. After all, what's the point of having the best SEO and a refined PPC campaign, if you're not converting the visitors that you get?


Split Testing Methodologies

When it comes to split testing, generally the first common question people asked is what method should they be using to test their traffic. A/B, Taguchi, multi-variate? A mix of two or all three? Something totally different? How about what they should test? Should they make minor changes, altering messaging, colours, buttons and so on, or is a more drastic approach required; even a full redesign?

These are great questions, but more important than answering them, is understanding why the answers are what they are. Every client has unique requirements, and a unique website, which means that you can't simply assume that what works for one will work for another. As such, we approach each client individually when it comes to conversion rate optimization, looking at their business, aims, objectives and the types of conversions that they're trying to achieve, to ensure that you get the most possible benefit for your spend.


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